Johnathan Ross is a Brooklyn based actor, director, producer, improvisor, and developer. He is currently the director of Magnet Theater house team Mama's Boy as well as a contributor to online publication Flexx. Johnathan has studied comedy and writing at the Magnet Theater and Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) under extraordinary comedic talents including Keisha Zollar, Peter McNerney, Molly Lloyd, Chet Seigel, and Anthony Apruzzese.

Additionally, Johnathan has performed in several festivals including:

  • Austin Sketch Fest (2019 & 2017)

  • Chicago Sketch Festival (2019 & 2018)

  • Boston Sketch Festival (2017)

  • Del Close Marathon 19 (2017)

He also produced, co-wrote, and co-starred the web series Six Story Walk-Up, and has appeared in videos featured on Funny or Die.

While in pursuit of an acting and production career, Johnathan is also passionate about diversity and inclusion in the comedy community and entertainment industry at large. He co-runs Remix: The Diversity Sketch Lab, a project which focused on getting diverse voices involved in the community hosted at the Magnet Theater.

You can catch Johnathan at the Magnet Theater on Fridays with The Nitro Girls. You can also catch him improvising around town with his indie teams Good at Sports and Just 2 Brothers as well as his solo improv act Hold My Drink.

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