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The Mighty Muse Show!

There's no need to fear...MIGHTY MUSE is here! 
A variety show unlike any other, MIGHTY MUSE brings together artists of diverse is a unique blend of poetry, improv, storytelling, physical theater and comedy. Each month, Several artists will present their work, and a guest improv comedy team will do a long form set based on the other artist's work. Hosted by Dope Poets Lynae DePriest (a.k.a Thoughtress) and Matt Zambrano (a.k.a. The Rev. Matt Z), you won't want to miss this explosive collection of badassery. This month's features include:

Good At Sports (Improv)
Broken Box Mime Theater (Mime)
Montana Rose (Burlesque)
Liberty the Poet (Comedy)
Roxie Wilson (Standup)

And other special guests!!!